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Domestic Risks

Home Insurance

Listed Events:

This is the cheaper form of home and contents insurance, and can provide cover for a defined range of events including fire, theft, earthquake, storm damage and electric motors burning out.

Accidental Damage:

Cover for a comprehensive range of events including accidental damage and accidental loss, as well as cover for theft and fire. This covers your insured contents anywhere in the world unless excluded in the policy wording.

Here is an example of what can covered under an accidental damage policy:

  • IPod lost or accidentally broken
  • Red Wine/Paint/Coke spilt on carpet
  • Video Camera dropped & broken
  • Handbag stolen whilst shopping
  • Sports bag stolen from the gym
  • Watch lost
  • Diamond lost from damaged engagement ring
  • CD’s & other personal items stolen from a car
  • Mobile phone dropped in pool, toilet etc.
  • Television dropped whilst trying to plug in play station.

Farm Insurance

Farm Pack:

This has all the features you need to insure your farm home, farm property, motor vehicle, farm machinery, income and other items

Farm Motor Insurance:

This provides cover for

  • Cars, station wagons, caravans and trailers
  • Goods carrying vehicles including utes, trucks and trailers
  • Agricultural vehicles, including tractors, harvesters, bulldozers
  • Motorcycles

Livestock Cover:

This enables you to cover your stud stock, and covers you against:

  • Death due to an accident
  • Death due to an illness or disease
  • Loss of use due to an accident
  • Loss of use due to an illness

No matter how many head of stud stock you carry, you can elect to insure stud cattle, stud rams, ewes or horses. In addition, the livestock cover is provided anywhere in Australia.

Car / Motorbike / Motor Vehicle

Third party insurance:

Cover for a third party vehicle and/or property up to an agreed amount, usually $20million.

Third party fire and theft:

Cover for a third party vehicle and/or property up to an agreed amount, usually $20million, and cover for your own vehicle for fire or theft up to $5,000.

Comprehensive insurance:

Cover for a third party vehicle and/or property up to an agreed amount, usually $20million, and cover for your vehicle for either market value or agreed value against “at fault” incidents, as well as fire and theft.

You can include the following options on your comprehensive insurance policy, however this may cost extra:

  • Protected no claim bonus
    Your no claim bonus can be protected against one claim, or all claims during the policy year
  • Windscreen cover
    This option will allow you to claim one windscreen per year without having to pay an excess or affecting your No Claim Bonus.
  • Hire car after an accident
    This option will provide you with a rental or hire car following an accident.

There are many factors which will affect the premium and the excess you will pay, such as:

  • Whether you want to insure for agreed value or market value
  • How many accessories your vehicle has, and the replacement value of these
  • Whether your vehicle has any modifications, and the value of these
  • How many extra factory options your car has, and the value of these

All of these items need to be disclosed to us to ensure you are adequately covered.

Caravan Insurance

Covers you against loss or damage to the caravan, annexe and its contents from an accident, as well as theft. You can also choose the type of cover you need to suit your circumstances - whether you’re touring Australia in your caravan, or it’s permanently on-site.

Boat Insurance

Boat Insurance protects against theft, fire, malicious damage, stranding and capsizing, damage sustained while loading or unloading your boat, as well as collision with other vessels, jetties, submerged objects or motor vehicles.

Your vessel is also covered while in transit or in inland waters, within 200 nautical miles off the Australian coastline, or idle. Full salvage and recovery expenses are included over and above the sum insured.

Landlord Insurance

Residential Property Insurance:

Covers flats, units, apartments and houses which are leased or rented to tenants.

Residential Strata Insurance:

is specifically designed for strata title properties. Properties of this nature have specific insurance requirements that may not be catered for by standard residential home insurance. We can quote on a range of covers to suit your needs.

Each state and territory has different legislative requirements that deal with insurance for strata title properties. You should always check that your insurance meets those legislative require

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